On August 27, 1827 John Cowan obtained title to a quarter-section of land in this vicinity eight miles west of Vicksburg and later, John Bullen settled here.  The two men were apparently humorists because they saw the words;  cow and bull in their names and compromised by naming the place Bovina.  Cowan opened an inn called Cowan's Tavern in 1827 which catered to the stage coach passengers riding between Vicksburg and Jackson.

In 1828 when Parson James fox started a mission in Vicksburg he also started one at Bovina.  Parson Fox was born in Connecticut and educated at Harvard and during his ministry started seventeen missions in Mississippi.

During the Civil War Bovina was in the line of march and on one occasion twelve Negro Federal Troops invaded the Cook home at Bovina, shot Mr. and Mrs. Cook and struck their young son in the mouth with a rifle butt.  After the death of Mrs. Cook the folowing day nine of the soldiers were identified, court martialed and shot.